Pivot with Purpose: The Path to A Fulfilling Career Shift

Sometimes, we just slide into a career. Either we had an internship in that company, or a referral from a friend or our parents guided us to a career that we did not really like. Or simply, we just needed money and started with the first opportunity which came along. Quite often, this is the easiest path. This is fine. I did the same. I just knew typewriting and wanted to gain my own money, not being a burden to my family. So, I started as a secretary. Also, the freedom of earning your own funds is so rewarding. You feel great. You don’t even realize that you don’t like the job. Your priorities are different. After some years though, it starts to dawn on you. You start to feel frustrated, not satisfied and every little challenges at work becomes a big burdssdsat’s the time to start thinking about shifting. Whatever the reason is, you have started in this profession, in this company, that time, it was the correct decision. Now it is not. In this article, you will find some tips for a fulfilling career shift.


Is It Time for A Change?

You have the liberty and freedom to change. It is easier said than done of course. You might have in the meantime responsibilities, expenses, family, and many other circumstances that might let you think that you cannot simply change the job. Correct.  You can not simply change. On top, you might not even know which profession you like, which industry you want to move into, and you have been away for years from the current professional landscape. How to start, how to change your career with purpose, with your why, with the impact or legacy you want to leave behind.

First step. Destination Me!

Why? Because you need to understand first yourself before you can make a skilful decision. Some trigger question for you:

  1. Identify the times when you were the happiest.
  2. What were you doing? Were you with other people? If so, who?
  3. Identify the times when you were most proud.
  4. Why were you proud? Did other people share your pride? If so, who?
  5. Identify a time when you were most fulfilled and satisfied.
  6. What need or desire do you think was fulfilled? How and why do you think the experience gave your career/life purpose? What other factors possibly contributed to your feelings of fulfillment?

These are all included in my Drive & Thrive your Career” workbook. A path first to yourself, followed by steps towards it.

Fulfilling Career Shift

Create Your Personal Map

We need to be more mindful on what we exactly want. We worked already for some years, we have experience, and a job change is not easy and shall be not taken in a rush. With the trigger questions above, you will find out some of your passion, your strengths, your values. Your personal map, like here.

This is just an example. You don’t need to draw. You can write, you can type. It is you, who decides. Why is this so important? Knowing yourself. How will this serve you? It will serve you to understand what you like to do, what are your real strengths and what is important for you at this point and moreover what impact you would like to have in the new job. Like a mission statement for yourself.

create personal map


Under our free resources, you can find value elicitation process which might help you to assess your values. What we want the least is to slide again into a job or organization that we will not like. So, investing in yourself is highly important. Once you know, it is easier for you to create your professional goal. The SMARTER goals:

  • Specific               The GOAL: I want to accomplish…
  • Measurable        The WHEN: I will know I have met this goal when…
  • Achievable          The HOW: I can see myself achieving this goal by utilizing my…
  • Relevant             The WHY: It is important for me to accomplish this goal now because…
  • Time-bound       The PLAN: My target date for reaching my goal is…
  • Exciting               It needs to be move fire in your heart.
  • Record                Your goal and your reward, success, keep a success journal

Be brutally honest with yourself. At same time have mercy and compassion for yourself. These are the first steps only.

Fulfilling Career Shift tips

15 Questions to Ask Yourself for Your Career Change

  1. In which industry or profession, you can use your strengths, your passion?
  2. What is the % of your full potential that you can use in this domain?
  3. What is the reason?
  4. What is so exciting about this profession or industry?
  5. What do you like the most/least about it?
  6. What other options do you have?
  7. Did you try it out?
  8. What did you find out?
  9. What have you done so far to understand better the work landscape?
  10. What did you find out?
  11. What else did you?
  12. What can you do differently than you did already to increase your understanding?
  13. Who can support you?
  14. When are you going to start?
  15. How to move and navigate into the domain you have identified?

You Are the CEO of Your Career

Start to analyse your network. For that I have my famous “Networking Wheel”. Try it out and see whom you know already or who knows who. That’s the starting point. Check out, where these professionals are hanging out, what conferences or online webinars are taking place and start networking, start talking to people to learn more. Online or face to face. Start connecting online or Face to face. And start applying. For that make sure that your CV and your Linkedin profile are on the latest standards.

what is coaching

Do you need a roadmap for your career journey?

Still a bit confused and needs some nudges? Well, that’s what I am here for. Just reach out.

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