Career Coaching with Hulya Kurt

Career coaching is a journey that involves working with a professional coach who specializes in guiding individuals through their career development journey. The aim of career coaching is to help individuals gain clarity about their career goals, explore and evaluate their strengths and skills, identify areas for improvement, and create a plan of action to achieve their desired career outcomes.

My career coaching approach is always results oriented, therefore we will create your own career action plan, according to your needs and circumstances.  As your career coach, I will be guiding you to overcome obstacles, limiting self-beliefs, which in return creates self confidence.

Who Can Benefit From Career Coaching?

– Students and Recent Graduates

– Professionals in Transition

– Mid-career professionals

– Business Leaders

– Entrepreneurs and small business owners

– Professionals Seeking Career Advancement

How can I help you?

what is coaching

I will be your trusted and confidential companion, supporting you, clarifying your goals, finding out your strengths, value and passion. Working on your personal brand statement and providing you with resources and tools towards your own career aspirations

Networking is an imperative part of your career journey, in which I will be guiding you on. 

I will be an accountable buddy and will follow up, giving byte-size triggers for further advancement.

what is coaching
coach and lunch

The Process:

coach and lunch

First step for me is to know my counterpart. After the first chemistry call where we will discuss the desired outcome at the end of our journey, we will start with self-discovery. 

I always use a framework which is a guide covering all aspects of values, strengths, creating your brand statement, your mission and introducing to you my STAR model for self promotion, analysing your network and covering your Linkedin, CV and online networking methods. 

Using my can do attitude and some NLP techniques, you will be having the sustainable resources and tools to advance in your career. 

Followed by some homework, light touch and follow sessions. 

At the End of Our Sessions:

why coaching
  1. You will believe in yourself. You know what you are bringing to the table and how to promote yourself
  2. You will regain clarity about your way forward and will know how to position yourself
  3. You will have the self confidence that you can achieve what your mind deceives
  4. You will discover passion, what is your ideal job aspirations, how to achieve them..
why coaching


Hulya is an amazing mentor! Her pragmatic and warm approach to coaching you through your career (no matter where you are at) is encouraging, innovative and life-changing. The wonderful conversations were charged with insightful advices and positive energy. It truly changed my way of looking at things at a professional and personal level.
testimonial 1
Sandra L.
Associate Programme Manager
It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Hulya as a coach. I worked with her over a series of sessions to rediscover and identify my strengths and to clarify my professional values. Hulya asked the right questions and encouraged me - with a kind, yet consistent push - to explore new angles and options. Hulya is authentic and brings her real self to the exchange, which meant I felt comfortable doing the same.
testimonial 2
Joanne L.
HR Policy / Gender Unit
I highly recommend Hulya. She is an incredible woman with great insight and experience in career growth. She taught me valuable thinking strategies, negotiation tactics, networking approaches, people management, and most importantly, how to always hold my head up high and ask for what I want. Thank you Hulya.
testimonial 3
Leticia J.
International Trade Center
I am more than privileged to have Hulya Kurt as my mentor and coach. In the few months I have worked with her this year, I have found a new perspective to my lif and career goals. I highly recommend her to anyone who feels like they are stuck in their careers, need to discover exciting opportunities to grow professionally and individually and to take time to learn who you are and how to take opportunities that are always there.
jane batte
Jane B.

Frequently Asked Questions

A career coach helps you to get clarity about your goals, aspirations, and your ultimate destination in your professional journey. Thus, career coaching helps to gain clarity, provides you structure, tools and techniques.

A career coach builds up your confidence, addresses your improvement areas and raises self-awareness.

Simply a career coach empowers you to break free, letting you drive to a career using your passion, your strengths, and your impact you want to have.

Each client and situation are different, thus the plan is always customised towards the client. A career coach helps the professional to define their goal, creates together step by step plan to land in their dream job.

A career coach helps the professional to define their goal, creates together step by step plan to land in their dream job.

A life coach is addressing more the personal aspects of humans which might be around relationships, behaviours, family, and general life challenges whereas the career coach is addressing the aspects of the professionals from all walks of live and titles. All challenges around career progression, skillsets to improve that are needed for the profession and kicks you to get out of your comfort zone, supports your to build strong relationships in your work environment and outside.

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