About Me

My Motto: From union comes strengths – let's walk together!

Hi, I am Hulya!

Originally Turkish, I grew up in Germany, I moved back to Turkey-Istanbul with my family, where I started to learn the typewriter (yes there was no computer and no internet in the years of 1980’s) and my career at a multi-national company called “Reuters” as a sales secretary.

Being curious, I got involved in customer admin and from there I climbed up the career ladder, step by step, starting from Supervisor to Manager. I call myself “ from zero to hero”.

Hulya | Your Lifetime Learning Partner

In 2005 I got the offer to move to Geneva to form the new global Customer Order Management Centre. I had multiple global responsibilities until 2022 when I was made redundant.

So, what's next?

My decision was clear. I wanted to follow my passion. Passion to help people in their career, in their struggles, in life. 

So, I did my Coaching Diploma with Noble Manhattan, got accredited and started my own business.

Not only I coach professionals, but I did my certification for Adolescent as well, as I felt the strong need to help them with their struggles in life, outside and inside their school setting.

And as someone who wants to make this world a better one, I am keen to have more people trained as coaches. Therefore, I offer under the roof of Noble Manhattan coach training programs for individuals, teams, students, and teachers. 

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