Who is in the Kitchen?

Meet my team!



An intercultural individual with an academic interdisciplinary background in behavioral sciences. With experience in marketing, PR, and communications. Xenia currently works as the Social Media Coordinator and Business Strategist for InnKick in Zurich, Switzerland. She is responsible for managing social media campaigns and accounts across multiple platforms, as well as designing and implementing business strategies to achieve high-performance indicators. Xenia brings a positive spirit and attitude to the team, making her a valuable asset. Combining creativity and strategy to drive business success.



I am a young enthusiastic person who loves challenges and is always looking for new experiences to help myself and my environment (teammates) to grow. My creativity and sense of purpose mixed with my communication and leadership skills can make a group stand out and outperform itself. Growing up in an international (Belgian mother, Turkish father) and entrepreneurial environment, I love innovation and “think different” in everything I accomplish.

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