what is coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a journey that you start with your coach, walking beside you step by step towards your goal. 

This journey is not a quick one, it may take many sessions to arrive at your destination. Afterall, you have years of heavy baggage or sandbags around you, which are not letting you fly. You accumulated them over the years, with your experiences, your childhood, and cultural backgrounds. To remove them, will take equally some time. 

A coach would take you accountable, making sure you act. Think like going to a dietician or nutritionist and your goal is to lose weight. Once the plan is created, the doctor keeps you in check every week and you feel a sense of commitment to follow the plan. 

Coaches are non-judgemental unlike friends and family. We listen carefully and with all our senses. With powerful questioning techniques, you find out your own reality, options and your way forward.

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