Referral Partner / Alliances

I am looking for “Referral Partner/ Alliances”. Word of mouth is a trusted way of marketing, a trusted way to find the services/courses you need.

Let’s face it. Whenever we need a dentist, want to go to a restaurant or bar, we ask our friends. And the people who know me, can safely refer my services as a coach, as a facilitator, as an inspirational speaker. So why not have a win win situation and officialise it.

What are the benefits for you:

  • 10% commission on all sales made which result in a signed deal
  • 1-hour complimentary coaching session
  • Free access to my accredited signature program.

As an ambassador, referee/ alliance partner, you will be just spreading the word to your own network.

Of course, I will do an introduction to my services, which is easy.


How It Works?

You don’t need to close the deal, however will build the connection and organize a meeting with me. In case, the conversation will be resulting in a closed deal, you will be rewarded. In case you close the deal, this is perfect as well. No other time commitment required from your end.

Whilst working on your day to day, during your sports or meetings, your daily routine, just with referring, it can bring you extra income. Why not try? I would highly appreciate your time and on top you have nothing to lose.

On the contrary, you will be part of my network as well. Lets have a chat.

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