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Hulya Kurt

Career Coach – Mentor – Facilitator – Educator – Speaker  

Specialised Career guidance tailored corporate workshops and mentoring services.

InnKick is a specialized coaching service that offers clear career guidance to professionals and mentorship programs for emerging professionals aiming to excel in the corporate world. Our business provides educational workshops and training sessions for corporations, focusing on career growth and personal branding.

With InnKick, professionals can find a clear path in their careers, and young individuals can benefit from tailored mentorship to successfully navigate the professional world.

Our Services

1.Career Guidance Coaching

Our specialized coaching service provides career guidance and coaching to professionals at all stages of their careers.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to level up, our expert coaches will help you identify your goals, develop a plan, and navigate the corporate world with confidence.

2. Tailored Mentorship Programs

For young to be professionals, we offer personalized mentorship programs designed to help you excel in the professional world. Our mentors will provide you with valuable guidance, support, and advice to help you successfully navigate your career path and achieve your goals.

CV and Linkedin review, admissions to different international programs and collaboration with recruitment agencies.

Your Career Coach
Women in Leadership Workshop
Tailor Made Corporate Workshops
Your Family Coach
Education Pathway
For Professors, Teachers & Educational Staff


InnKick Experiences includes a combination of diverse, inclusive, and engaging social events and workshops curated to build community and nurture your authentic self.

Bringing people together, sharing, fostering, and allowing everyone to just be. A space where experience, inspiration, culture and spirituality meet, by creating a sense of belonging for personal growth, learning and connection.

Coach Hulya Kurt

About Me

As a career coach and mentor, I am passionate about helping individuals realize their true potential and achieving their career goals. Leveraging my years of experience in climbing the corporate ladder, I aim to empower others and guide them to make strategic, sustainable changes. Count on me as your career partner and together let’s bring out the best version of YOU.

Where is InnKick coming from?

The thought behind the name is That we nudge you to inovate yourself. Inn coming from Innovation and Kick , we are kicking you a bit . Innovation is about improving, building on what you have already as habits, skills and making it better each day to live a fulfilled life.

Form Union Comes strengths – Lets walk together!


Innkick Academy

Welcome to my Innkick Academy! Created it to help both individuals and business professionals through online courses & programmes. At the end of the courses, you will have key take aways in practical & sustainable ways.

Family coach

Course: Parents Academy

tips for l&d decision makers

Course: Mastering the Art of Networking


Course: Ignite Your Voice



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