Leadership & Laser Coaching

Hand in hand, intertwined as leaders don’t have sufficient time for their own personal development. This is where laser coaching comes in handy. As it is short and focused. On the other hand, there is a lot of pressure on the leader of today, making the leadership position challenging. Laser coaching approach can immediately provide you with the clarity you need to perform at your best.

leadership and coaching

Benefits of Laser Coaching

Laser coaching can serve leaders as a springboard for improving leadership skills. The most important one to be “Listening”. Learning how to listen is crucial for a leader and putting that into practice is a different story. Laser coaching can focus only on one aspect of becoming a better leader starting from the essentials. Laser coaching sessions can allow the leader to have a space where they can practice, obtain instant feed forward, try the next day, and book another immediate session to share their insights and experiences.

leadership and coaching

Continuous Improvement

Changing behavior is not easy. It requires constant follow-up and practice. Laser coaching sessions can be booked every day or how many times you want during the week to follow up on the action plan that has been decided. Moreover, the leader would have homework to do to improve their skills. That would include journaling, being able to ask their counterparts, employees, and peers how they were doing towards achieving being a good listener. Any comments are valuable for the leader to become a better listener. Sharing these comments with the laser coach is important and will shine light on what else can be done differently to improve further. The behavior of asking feed forward to your peers and employees will signify to them that you take your improvement very seriously. In return, you will be acting as a role model in the organization and this modality might be even mirrored in your peers and employees’ actions.

leadership and coaching

Laser Coaching

Laser coaching is an effective way of coaching, having the target on one specific aspect of enhancement. Laser coaching allows the client to have been in touch with their coach on a frequent basis, which is the foundation of change. Thinking like a fitness subscription, you will get better each day when you come to the gym and repeat your muscle and endurance program. My laser coaching program is based on the same principle of a subscription that lasts for 6 months and we are going to be in touch whenever you want and need to become a great leader.

In this edition, I have touched base on listening only, though there are may other skills needed nowadays to have buy in from you’re your employees, so they thrive and in return objectives are met which will lead to success of the organization. Better be equipped and take that step to change or improve and there is no excuse anymore as Laser coaching is quick, short, and right on the point.

Just book and try it for yourself.

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Do you need a roadmap for your business journey?

I love to work with professionals and leaders to assist them in their career journey, equipping them with the tools and techniques they need to perform at their best. Do not hestitate to contact me to get help!

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