The Power of Experiential Learning

Experiential workshops are the best method to learns new skills, whether technical or human. It is the new way of learning. Learning by doing, learning by feeling, learning by hearing, and living. The power of experiential workshops cannot be neglected. Specifically in the era of AI, ChatGPT and all the technology we have around us, where knowledge is at our fingertips.

The Power of Experiential Learning

Engagement through Experience

Though, reading is different than doing it in real. What does experiential workshops entail? It’s an environment where participants actively engage, whether in simulations, gamified, hands on or in interactive exercises rather than passively listening and then forgetting about it once the workshop is completed. How many times, have you participated in workshops, where afterwards you forgot what it is about. Or you found it useless? I did in many, as part of my organizational mandate and it did not change my behavior, neither the learning nor listening did not stick with me.

the Power of Experiential Learning

Innovative Engagement Techniques

If your desire as an organization is to have real impact, an impact which is sustainable, you need to make sure that participants are active during the workshop. You can achieve this by being creative, playing games, giving exercises in teams, being out in nature or using different emotional triggers such as Music and aroma. I can see the different it makes when we are stimulating the mind with music for example. I am using it quite frequently during my workshops as an energizer, as letting go, for goal setting and many more. Not only music, I use aromas as well as humans are sensory and the insights gained do create some sort epiphany.

But only one workshops is not sufficient. Without follow up, without monitoring and taking each other accountable, still the learning or new behavior will not be adopted. It is the leaders who shall walk the talk, shall demonstrate, and ask for feed forward on their progress of their commitment.

Continual Reinforcement

We shall commit to each other; we shall provide that follow up with each other and have frequent check-ins, repetitions, and reminders as part of the experiential learning. For the repetitions and follow ups, again different methods can be used not to overwhelm your employees, like 5 min snippet information, lunch cafes, moving and creativity, setting a challenge and many more.

Experiential learning and workshops are the new norm. Happy experiments.

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