The 4 Dimensions of Future Proof Business

The 4 Dimensions of Future Proof Business


April 28, 2023    
9:00 am CET - 5:00 pm


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4d lean discount
4d lean discount

The Unique & Unforgettable Training, That Will be a Gamechanger for Your Business!

Geneva - 4D Lean coaching
workplace wellbeing

The extraordinary tool for workplace breakthroughs.

Want to stand out as a business coach? Multiply employee engagement, as a leader? Have the best hiring & retaining strategy?

Learn the revolutionary, 4D Lean method – that starts with a powerful Scan/Assessment that measures:

  • Culture
  • Vision & Strategy
  • Mindset
  • Performance
  • Leadership

As enablers for:

  • Engagement – Productivity
  • Innovation
  • Connection
  • Wellbeing – Balance
Geneva - 4D Lean coaching event
4d lean plan
4d lean scan

4D Lean Scan

Quick & reliable technology to detect hidden growth opportunities.

The Scan reveals immediate data on potential opportunities, loss of productivity, blocks in each team, department or individual and more… As a certified 4D Lean Coach you will learn how to read & debrief a 4D Lean Scan report.

Not just a one-time training. Discover what is included.

  • Full Day 4D Lean Training
  • Your own Full Personality Scan report
  • Learn how to debrief a 4D Lean Scan report from individual and/or company perspective
  • Learn to use the 4D Lean Tool for modern & smarter recruitment
  • Apply to be featured on our Academy:
  • The right spot for your existing training modules!
  • Access to the 4D Lean Community & Best Practices
  • Certification as 4D Lean Coach after assessment on Scan debriefing skills

(Early Bird Discount ending soon!)

Learn how to use 4D Lean Tool in your own work

  • Calculate the financial/business impact of soft skills, for your organization or customer.
  • Measure the #1 factor for business results: the employer v/s employee gap, and what can be done about it.
  • Predict the risk on burn-out, absenteeism and employee turnover for the organization within 20 minutes.
  • Discover world’s only tool to convert emotional intelligence into effectiveness, in numbers – 4D Lean Scan.
  • Become aware of the changing needs of new Generations. Attract talent to create right-fit-teams for each department.
  • Get insight into personality types. Learn the best approach to engage each type of employee.
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Watch This Video About 4D Lean


Limited seats. Crazy prices.

This is an exclusive training only for those who want to take coaching & business strategies to the next level.

So we have limited seats and the prices are crazy right now. Grab the early bird discount, before it’s too late!

Wondering if this training is for you?

Yes, this is for you!

If you are a business coach, corporate trainer, leadership coach or business leaders,

Or if you are someone who sees the increasing need to change old-school work environment,

Then this training is a must-attend.

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geneva lake switzerland

A full-day training in breathtaking, Geneva

Ready for the unique & unforgettable training, that will be a gamechanger for your business?

Create the extraordinary impact that will get organizations & leaders to trust your services immediately.

Requirements: Your positivity and open-mindedness.

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