Parents Academy v4

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Parents Academy v4

Hey Parents, teachers, anyone dealing with young people;

Would it not be great to have some techniques at hand to skilfully respond to your child’s circumstances? I have created this workshop for you:

Online Workshop: Parents Academy v4

You will learn about basic techniques and tools covering subjects as below. You will receive handouts of the exercises, we are going to cover, for you to be able to repeat at home. If you cant join, recordings will be available.

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Workshop Modules

✤ 1st Module – your child’s first Relationship, him / herself:

  • Identity
  • Values – what is important for them
  • Their strengths – Growth areas
  • Anchors

✤ 2nd Module – Relationship with others:

  • Respect – be kind to others
  • Understand others
  • Set boundaries
  • Trust
  • My perfect friend

✤ 3rd Module – Communication:

  • Listening – on both sides of the coin as a child and as an adult
  • Find your voice – being able to articulate their views in any setting
  • Self Esteem
  • Non-Violent communication

✤ 4th Module – Resilience:

  • The Hero in me – how you can help the child to feel resourceful
  • Integration into different cultures

✤ 5th Module – Future Planning-how you can support the child:

  • Understanding the past, present and future
  • Planning ahead
  • Reaching for the stars
  • Goal Setting

✤ 6th Module – Accomplishments:

  • Become more independent
  • Ask for help
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Stay on track

For Who?

Anyone who is dealing with Adolescents age: 12-20


12.30-13.30 CET for 6 Weeks Every Friday


Cost for the whole workshop series: 95 CHF


I created this online course for parents who may not have time to join the live meetings in the workshop. You can follow the course at your own pace anywhere. There are 3 modules and 29 topics which are packed with practises and exercises as well. 

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