6 Tips to Set New Year Resolutions

A new beginning, a fresh start. This is what a new year resolution signifies. Changing habits, starting or -restarting something. The 1st Jan, is a day like any other. What does it make it so special that we see the need for a resolution or setting new goals. For our mind, it is like starting a blank slate, an opportunity to get things right, hope, faith and belief in yourself that you can make the change you want for yourself. Here are my 6 tips to set new year resolutions!

tips to set new year resolutions

6 Tips to Set New Year Resolutions

New Year resolutions are more than just a yearly ritual; they represent a commitment to personal growth and positive change. It is a chance to evaluate the past year’s accomplishments and setbacks and what you can improve upon.

  1. Goal Setting: Yes again as otherwise how are you going to establish on what you want to achieve. Where do you see yourself or how do you want to be perceived by your community, what legacy do you want to leave behind, what is important for you in life? All these questions need to be asked and responded with authenticity. And you need to be brutally honest with yourself. They are your own goals. Own them.
  2. Goals Need to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable. Realistic or Relevant and Time bound. You need to slice down your goals into little steps. For that you can work backwards, starting with your goal and vision and check out what needs to happen or what action you need to take to approach it.
  3. Take Yourself Accountable: Be responsible for your actions, plan, put the actions in your diary which are realistic: Example: I need to do networking. Ok then have one hour in your calendar to have a coffee with a person or colleague in a completely different department. Make sure you repeat and be consistent. If you can’t take yourself accountable, ask for help, for support from your family, partner, peers or a coach, mentor.
  4. Track Your Progress: What gets measured, gets done. That; s why we have KPI’s in place in any organization. Key Performance Indicators. You are the CEO of your professional and personal life. See which steps you have completed, what was the time frame, do you need adjust your measurements? Questions to be asked to yourself.
  5. Overcoming Challenges: You can plan as much as you can nothing goes according to plan. Life is unpredictable and the same time full of surprises. Take each challenge as a journey of learning and growth. Sometimes, we need to surrender or just be patient. Or sometimes, we need to change what we thought that wanted to achieve and is not the case anymore. This is normal. These are your goals, and you can alter them. The important thing is that you act. From nothing comes nothing. Move, decide, do it.
  6. Celebrate: Any little step you take is a step forward. Be proud of yourself. You are unique. Love yourself and your decisions. And any decisions you take, are good decision for that moment and circumstances. Practise self-compassion. We are too heard on ourselves. One tip for that: Think about what you would say to your friend if that person would be in the same situation? Talk to yourself as someone who is a wiser human. Visualize what they would have said.

Set Your New Year Resolutions for 2024

Every day is a new year resolution for your personal growth, you’re learning. It is not only for one day in the year.  It shall be lifelong. A student for life I call myself as each day I learn and grow. Consistency is key for continuous improvement of yourself compared towards yourself of yesterday.

Happy festive season, new year with health and prosperity!

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