Strategic Tips for New Generation Leaders

Leading, working with the new generation as we call it, “Generacation Z”, is not easy. They have a different perspective, different outlook on life and work. I have been working with both new generation and leaders. In this article, you will find my tips for new generation leaders.

Questions, Questions…: Why?

One of the most important ones is the “WHY”. The purpose that you need to be able to convey to your teams. Being able to do that, it is important to start with yourself. Who are you? What are your values, your dreams and your mission and vision on life itself. Once you can articulate that, you shall be looking at the values of your organization, the vision they have and combine it with yours, which will be the result of the WHY for your teams. For that clear communication is key. Being simple, precise, and also accepting different viewpoints, as not everyone might be completely agreeing with you.

Which brings us to be an inclusive leader. Inclusive means, no matter where your employees coming from, no matter what their background is, their gender, their ethnicity, you need to be fair, objective, non-judgemental and fostering inclusivity.

How to foster inclusivity:

With being intentional with your actions, with having all your team members speaking up in a meeting, being personal, building on their strengths whilst encouraging them to take on challenges, learn new skills.

Continuous learning, improvements in processes, embracing any type of suggestions and innovative ideas are key skills to demonstrate day in and day out. You need to be acting as the role model for your employees where they can see that your open for learning, for digitalization, the new AI world and technology whilst being authentic and showing that you don’t know everything either.

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What else is our new generation looking for?

Some of my other important tips for new generation leaders are these: Flexibility and remote working possibilities, equality and equity as one size fits all does not exist. Adapting to new situations, showing empathy to your employees, showing them that you trust them, allowing them to work from home, pick up their kids from school and work later, adapting to the life as much as you can and as much as the job function allows. The more you accept them humans with flaws and personal life circumstances, the more productive and empowering will your staff feel. Afterall, you would like to best for your teams. And that requires emotional intelligence.

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Working with the New Generation…

Yes, there is a lot to learn, to be aware off and be attentive to. You are a human as well and you cannot be perfect. So, what to do? Show your flaws, accept that it was not a good decision and you acted not correctly, or you are stressed. Just be yourself. You don’t need to show that you are always strong. You can show your disappointments, lead the difficult conversations in a genuine way. Show it with your emotions and body language.

Happy leading.

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Do you need help with your team?

I love to work with professionals and leaders to assist them in their career journey, equipping them with the tools and techniques they need to perform at their best.

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