L&D Decision Makers: Don’t Do This!

We know for a fact that corporates are ready to invest in their employees. And sometimes, the point is missed on providing the training that is adopted, accepted, and attended. I know from my own experience, whenever I assumed that a topic would be interested to our workforce, the truth was, it was not. I learned, that asking for what the needs are, what gaps we shall bridge with any type of training, the timing, the durations, and modality is so crucial to serve your staff. So here are my tips for l&d decision makers.

Tips for L&D Decision Makers

Assumptions don’t work. And now then ever, we need to be more careful on how we serve. So here are some quick tips for you, to be even more effective in corporate training development:

Don’t neglect needs assessments

First action you need to take. Understanding what is need of your specific teams. This is to identify the specific gaps and missing skillsets, might be for your leaders, your middle management and all your employees. Take time to analyse, conduct one to one conversation, group discussion what type of training is needed. This is the most crucial step in the whole learning and development process. No on wants to invest time, energy and money on something that no one needs.

tips for l&d decision makers

Relying solely on traditional learning methods

How humans learn has changed drastically. And more so, for your staff who has limited span of attention, thinks about the workload left behind and many more challenges. So long lectures, don’t serve anymore. Classroom training from 9 in the morning until 5 in the evening might be not everyone’s cup of tea. So, seek, what are the best learning methods. It could be hybrid, with one hour lecture, online learning, and a session with an inspirational speaker from outside. Use technology. Gamification. Could be some games related to the topic that you cover, teamwork, masterminds, buddy work groups. Be creative and ask your team how they would like to learn. Engage them in the process to have create them their own training.

Effective Employee Learning

One size fit all does not exist. Everyone is different but to find a common ground is the mastery of creating an effective growth and development for your workforce. Finally, once the training is completed, make sure to measure the adoption rate, what does work, what does not. Do you need to do some byte size reminder sessions or have an ambassador in the group who can be talked to for any questions? Ask for Feed Forward I always say. As this is data that you get directly from the recipient to improve.

In case, As InnKick we have our tailored corporate workshops, where you can pick and choose from as you see fit.

Happy learning, self growth.

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