FREE Masterclass of Workplace Menopause Mastery

FREE Masterclass of Workplace Menopause Mastery


February 28, 2024    
7:30 pm CET - 8:15 pm


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Join me in a pre-seminar for my online workshop. This is a brief introduction to what will expect throughout the 4 weeks.

What we are going to cover during the 45 min:

  • An overview about understanding Menopause and its impact at work.
  • Part 1: Common symptoms and their effects on daily life and work performance – The psychological impact of menopause and its influence on self-esteem and confidence
  • Part 2: Creating a Supportive Work Environment  – The role employees and the employer
  • Part 3: Skill Development and Career Advancement  – Continuing professional development during menopause – Overcoming barriers and biases – Embracing change and leveraging experience for growth and innovation

Why join us?

  • Recap of key takeaways from the masterclass
  • Encouraging ongoing dialogue and support within the workplace
  • Open floor for questions, sharing experiences, and further discussion

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Coach Hulya Kurt

Hulya Kurt – My Story

I was working for a multi-national company at full speed with huge responsibilities as I did slide into pre-menopause not even realizing what is happening to me and my emotions. What I recall is that got very tensed, at home I got angry very easily. At the workplace, I was good at masking the whole hormonal changes which required lots of energy and sometimes there was nothing left for my family. Or for myself. Not to mention the hot flashes which just came at unappropriated timings, and I did not know how to manage.

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My Story

I could not speak about my emotional state with anyone, as you feel that it needs hiding, you need to be always at your best and quite frankly you are not sometimes. What helped was that I did sports. Not like crazy, but every lunch time I had my regular sport session and which I rarely skipped.

Speaking about at home was another challenge. I was even ashamed to talk to my husband and he did not understand why I was snapping at him. The ups and downs of pre-menopause can last for some years as it was for me. It lasted about 3 years until I felt more stable physically and mentally.

Being in menopause, gave me more comfort as I accepted it and that is the first step that you don’t fight against it and embrace it with its challenges. At the moment I feel aligned, in harmony, continuing sports activities, social interactions and on top I feel empowered and some sort of freedom.  


Bookings are closed for this event.

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