Empowerpreneur: Your First Steps

Empowerpreneur: Your First Steps


July 25, 2024    
12:15 pm CET - 1:15 pm


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This is for professionals who dream of owning a business and becoming independent. We understand that taking that leap of faith is not easy. In this session today, we are just scratching the surface, but the insights and knowledge you’ll gain will be invaluable. This is the first open conversation for anyone who is contemplating becoming an entrepreneur now or in the future.

I became an entrepreneur 3 years ago, after I was made redundant. I had worked for more than 35 years in corporates, out of which 32 were at the same corporate. My journey from redundancy to entrepreneurship is a testament to the possibilities that lie ahead. Now, I am my boss, decision maker, content creator, and many more titles.

The Power of Experiential Learning


  • How to decide?
  • Assess yourself first
  • What are the essential traits for becoming an entrepreneur?
  • Understanding the entrepreneurial mindset
  • What is the first step…
  • And Q&A

Why did I come up with this conversation?

From my coaching clients who are working professionals, I know that they constantly have this nagging idea in their heads of once being their own boss. They want to do what they like and are passionate about. So, let’s put it out there.

This is an open conversation. I am also preparing for my online workshop series, which is coming up in September. Looking forward to talking to lots of you. Needless to say we are in a safe circle. Book your spot for this free session.

Coach Hulya Kurt

Workshop Led by Hulya Kurt – Business Coach

Hulya loves to work with professionals and leaders to assist them in their career journey, equipping them with the tools and techniques they need to perform at their best. Gives the participants key take aways and practical & sustainable ways to add to their toolkit.

More information about Hulya: Who am I?

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