The Essential Role of Tailor-made Corporate Trainings

Cultivating diverse growth opportunities was never so important than before. Specifically, when knowledge can be obtained instantly and that we are living in a world of Artificial Intelligence which can be leveraged on. One size fits all is not the best approach when it comes to retain employees and haven them engaged in your organization. Tailor made corporates trainings are essential and an imperative part of your organization. Adding to the Diversity and inclusion aspect, the perspective of equity, which is signifying that we shall provide shoes that fit and not the same shoes which might not despite the same shoe size.

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The Case of Customisation:

It is an imperative success factor for the organizations, the leaders to seek different type and methods for upskilling and allowing your workforce to grow and have fun at your company. Different methods exist, such as byte size learnings, online and in person, having the employees even driving the agenda as they know the best what is needed.

1. It all starts with your organizational culture. It is unique, you have your own set of values, mission, your dynamics, and your structure.

This is where you can foster tailor-made trainings where it resonates with your employees and the message can be understood by everyone. Different methods can apply here such as creative boards, reminders on plasma screens and byte size information’s. Many more can be explored.

2. Addressing Specific Leadership Challenges

Leaders are facing many challenges depending on the company size, industry, the teams, and market conditions. Tailor-made trainings are the way to go for equipping your leaders with the tools, techniques to master the myriads ahead, whether it is to lead people or come up with vision and mission and skilfully navigate risks and transformations.

3. Fostering a Culture of Belonging

Inclusive leadership is about creating an environment, where all employees feel valued and heard. Leaders need to act like coaches, specifically with the generation which might have different perspectives of working. Tailor-made trainings are the best way to address unconscious bias, cultivate diversity and let them learn about how to create the sense of belonging.

4. Diverse Workforce Leading and Managing

In this global world and intense mixed workforce, leaders need to be able to motivate and engage with al types of employees. For that tailor-made trainings are the best approach, being able to leverage on the strengths of the specific employee and teams.

5. Pitfalls of Generic Training

Generic trainings often overlook the needs of the workforce and leads to disengagement and quiet quitting. The practical application of the skill needed is neglected and assumptions do drive the training schedule.

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Tailor-made Corporate Trainings

In this agile world where we have AI at our hands combined with human interventions is the future of the new landscape trainings, learnings and practical applications, experiential methods, stimulating the brain and activating it.

As InnKick, we strive for experiential and innovative workshops, covering a range of skill that are needed in today’s world. As someone coming from corporates and former leader, I have experienced many workshops that did not resonate with the employees neither with me.

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Need Help for Your Business?

For us it is important to understand the needs and how we can support, work alongside the workforce and the organization to have you thrive. Check out our corporate tailor-made section.

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