Making Your Mark: Strategies for Boosting Visibility at Work

Easier said than done. However if you don’t take charge not one will notice you. Don’t work hard, work smart. I worked for more than 25 years at Reuters, world’s largest media company. Here are my strategies for boosting visibility at work.

Meaning, number 1 unspoken success in a career is networking and building relationships. Build relationships within your organization, not just in your department but across different teams and levels. Attend company events, participate in interdepartmental projects, or engage in cross-functional teams.

Be present and volunteer for some projects where the managers and leaders can see what you bring to the table. Moreover, promote your successes. Your direct manager might not know all the details, might have forgotten what you have resolved or contributed to.

Use the Star Model…

Be objective, at same time highlight your role in solving a challenge or leading a team, a project. I call it guilt free promotion, using the STAR model. You might have read this already but STAR is :

  • Situation
  • Task
  • Action 
  • Results

It is an objective manner to articulate your successful participation and resolution in that particular situation. Celebrate Successes** When you achieve a milestone, share it with your team or manager appropriately. It isn’t bragging; it’s allowing your work to be recognized.

Be vocal about it as it creates a positive vibe in the team and for your manager. If you don’t celebrate and share someone else will take it away from you. So own your success.

strategies for boosting visibility at work

Take Opportunities to Increase Visibility at Workplace

Be an active learner. Scout on what is new coming into your organization. Be part of it, rather against and learn as much as you can. Not only for the organization. On the contrary for yourself, for your future career moves in or outside the company .

Any opportunity is a good one. Shows engagement and pro activity. Find a Mentor** A mentor can provide valuable insight, guidance, and advocacies. They can bolster your professional growth and vouch for your competencies.

Create your own board of directors, listing down all the names who can be either sponsoring you, be your allies, be your connectors. It can be as well outside the organization. I call it the Networking wheel.

Remember, your success is a journey, not a destination. Keep shining, keep striving, and keep making your mark!

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One more hint: Have fund and enjoy

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