Beam Your Way to Success: The Transformative Power of Laser Coaching

Linking to my recent experience and a proof of the power of laser coaching, I regularly attend the MBA Access event, where professionals come together to get direct appointments with local and global Universities for pursuing their ambition of an MBA and further higher education possibilities. Having my designated desk, welcoming the guests during their waiting time in between appointments, I have directly seen the impact that a 15 min laser coaching session can have on humans.

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Targeted Coaching for Immediate Results

The professional does have already a specific topic in mind, though sometimes, we need to dismantle the brain fog that many must focus on. We delve immediately into the specific, one and only matter, which is the most important for the client.

In the capacity of the career coach, experience, and my approach of laser coaching, we normally go into CV review, LinkedIn optimization and how to use it in the most impactful way, which many professionals don’t know actually and how to connect online and nurture it. In most cases, professionals want to break free from their Hamster Wheel (as My book), to escape the toxic environment, change profession or industry or become an entrepreneur.

This realization happens after several years of employment and knowing what you can bring to the table and what you exactly expect from the company.Let’s face it when we start, it is still uncertain what we like or not. Therefore, during the short concise time we have with Laser Coaching, I explore my client’s passion, strengths, and values and immediately we can see what is important for them. Followed by creating an action plan, accountability, and the immediate net steps.

Unlocking Potential through Networking

Quite often, I have noticed that professionals are working in their organization’s silos, which leads to limit yourself and your full potential. Knowledge is power and I equipe my clients during the laser coaching session with all the network opportunities, introduce them to different networks, including mine, that exist in Switzerland and beyond and how to be involved, taking my client to the next level of success.

Sometimes it boils down on upskilling, finding a career coach who lived it, experienced it, can be the architect you need to build your dream house. This is how I call a coach. Why laser coaching approach? As it is short and straight to the point. I know from my background that professionals are busy and don’t have time to spend hours.

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Take Charge of Your Career

With that in mind, I have created a concept, which is like a fitness subscription for a period, which can be tailored, where the client has got the opportunity to book a 15 min session each day with me or whenever they need and want for a 6-month period of time. Life is too short to live an unfulfilled professional one. We spend more time at work than at home.

Act now to break free, take the wheel and be the CEO of your career.

Check it out here: Laser Coaching

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