Laser Coaching : Empowering Professionals

Unlike traditional coaching methods, Laser coaching is straight focus on results and outcomes. Its efficient and results oriented in a short frame time of maximum 30 min. This is very practical for busy professionals and executives who come with their business challenged prepare to the session.

The emphasis on action and accountability. In a laser coaching session, the coach and client work together to identify specific actions that will move the client closer to their goals, and the client is held accountable for following through on those actions. This can lead to faster progress and greater success, as clients are able to see tangible results and build momentum towards their desired outcomes.

Benefits of Laser Coaching

Specific benefits of this type of coaching is improved performance, assessing your leadership style, your strengths, immediate communication style change and applying it to your day to day. In helps to increase self-awareness and confidence as the outcome will be with immediate effect, rather having several sessions. It is a quick and impactful coaching method, looking for the next actions, a quick recap of the adversities and how to cope with it in a more skilful manner.

The laser coach will be applying a more direct and mento like approach, asking uncomfortable questions, questions which are thought provoking for kicking and nudging the clients’ ideas to foster innovative thinking within the individual.

Executives and Leaders

Why Laser Coaching?

Laser coaching is really equipping the human, harnessing their full potential, whilst showing different perspectives and have them demonstrated in their business environment with immediate effect. This is beauty of laser coaching. That you get out of the session in max 30 min and you are out to your work routine and can use the new ideas, perspectives. The client can see instantly the change in himself but as well in their team, on the project, in their communication style.

One laser coaching session might be not sufficient; hence my laser coaching program is like a Fitness subscription. For 6 months, where you can each day, if you wish book a session or twice a week or how much you need to train your brain, communication, or any other muscles more frequently, which provokes behavioural change and creates a even better self of you from yesterday.

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Do you need help with your daily life problems?

I love to work with professionals and leaders to assist them in their career journey, equipping them with the tools and techniques they need to perform at their best.

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