How to Drive & Thrive Your Career?

You are steering your career. Whether right or left, straight or park or accelerate. You decide. No one else is responsible. Neither your manager nor your peers or circumstances. You create your own circumstances and reality. So, let’s ask the questions: Do you know how to drive and thrive your career? Do you know exactly what you want? Most likely the answer is NO but something needs to change, and you don’t know exactly what.

The starting point is you.

drive and thrive your career

My Signature Programme: Drive & Thrive Your Career

This IAPCM (International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring) accredited workbook starts from the basic simple point which is you.

“When in doubt, get your values out”. Why? Because if the foundation that you have in your heart does not align with what you are doing now, you will feel frustrated. Values are our GPS, our north star. And most values are not met, you simply feel depressed.

This workbook accompanies you, no matter which position you have, whether leader executive or leader or employee. Accompanies you in your self-discovery journey. It will ask you about your strengths, about when you felt the happiest, whom do you look up to and why. You will be able to create your elevator pitch as you will be clear what you bring to the table. You will be able to share your success stories. I call this exercise “Guilt Free Promotion” with a model which is STAR. You will learn how to use it. In your year end performance reviews, your interviews and in networking events. Mentioning networking, I am inviting you to check your network, how diverse is it. Who knows who and how you can reach out and maintain.

Finally, your weekly progress, action plan towards these topics. Only reading the workbook is not sufficient though, you need make the new learning a habit and that requires self-awareness and repetition.

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Let Me Guide You

And if you struggle and can’t make sense of some topics, just reach out as with someone beside you it is easier. I will take you accountable, I will guide you, I will be your listener, someone who does not judge, instead empowers, and encourages you to make that bold decision, speak up and take action.

It is a powerful workbook and with me beside a magical journey of your own self-discovery to fulfilment.

coaching with hulya kurt

Drive and Thrive Your Career

This course, accredited by International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring, is ideal for business professionals, who feel stuck, feel not satisfied but don’t know what it is, want to have a change but don’t know where to start.

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