Lightning-Fast Breakthroughs with Laser Coaching

Laser coaching is an effective and productive methodology in coaching, specialising in different aspects of the client quickly, yet with action and results. Laser coaching is spot on for professionals who are hesitating to opt for coaching as it might seem to them long, to much of words and not immediate results. Laser coaching is efficient and provides immediate clarity, making the shift, pivoting quickly, and having a breakthrough in a short amount of time.

Moreover, laser coaching takes your idea to next level, whatever project you might have, to become a reality in the long run, assessing the next steps, concrete and detailed, and you will see the progress you are making, whilst continuing your short sessions.

why laser coaching

Mastering Sprint Calls: Key Elements and Preparation Tips

Project Managers might know this terminology: It is a sprint call. Quick, we go directly into the defined topic, challenge, and goal, we immediately uncover the reality and agree on next steps which are feasible and viable. This was a bit of design thinking and project management terminology. However, as the client, you need to be prepared for the session. You need to know what you want to achieve in this 15 or max 30 min laser coaching session.

Laser Coaching for Rapid Results

We dive into it with no further questioning in the past, right to the actions and outcomes you want to see and analysing your possible options to pursue. The ultimate accountability lies as in each laser coaching session on the client. The client needs to implement the strategy agreed and in next session, a cross check is done to uncover obstacles and how to overcome them.

My laser coaching package can be described like a fitness subscription for 6 months, where the client can book each day a 15 min laser coaching session, provided the actions have been taken from the previous session. It does not even need to be verbally or on zoom. As in today’s world, WhatsApp is a great tool as well to jump on immediate tasks, questions to be answered and concerns to be addressed.

Why Laser Coaching?

Laser coaching is the Quick-Fire advantage. As we know, time is the most precious commodity on the other hand we need to have someone who can guide us quickly, knows the professional landscape, has extensive experience and knowledge and is there for you when you need it the most.

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