5 Signs that You Need A Career Coach

Are you feeling stuck in your career? You are not sure about your next steps and have started to question yourself whether this career is the correct one for you? Well, these are the first signs that you need a career coach. I know exactly how you feel. And the burning desire to just change, though you are still not sure, as you have obligations and the day-to-day hustle and bustle.

A career coach might be just what you need at that moment to unlock your full potential and break free from your hamster wheel. Being the author of this very title (you can check out here: Break Free From Your Hamster Wheel

5 signs that you need a career coach

5 Signs: Time for a Career Coach?

Do you want to be sure whether you need a career coach or not? Let’s explore the most significant 5 signs:

1. Discover Your Values with Coaching

If you feel uncertain about your career direction and what you like to do, what is your passion and strengths, a career coach can support you to gain clarity. A career coach can unravel your values and what most matters to you in your professional life. As my saying: when you are in doubt, get your values out.

2. You are not advancing in your role

Happens all the time. You start strong and quickly advance and then comes the time where you are not promoted neither you have any exciting project assigned. A career coach can help you to create your own brand, your credibility and visibility and will create the strategy right for you to start attracting promotions and new opportunities.

3. Job search is not going anywhere

You apply to many jobs, and you don’t get any returns, no interviews. It seems like you send you application to a black whole. You feel not valued, your confidence decreases, and you dint know why. A career coach is the one you need. A career coach will review your CV, your application process, optimize your online presence and provide you with the tool you need to go beyond applying.

4. Considering a career change?

Transitioning into a new role or industry is not so easy and can be daunting. A career coach will be your companion to walk beside you, offering you support and practical advice on how to use your transferable skill, start networking and acquiring new skills in the industry you want to move and position yourself as competitive candidate.

5. Looking for work-life balance

Struggling with all the responsibilities you have in your professional and personal life? Not so easy to balance all. A career coach can assist you to set boundaries, work with you on prioritisation and time management skills to live a fulfilled life as both to converge.

5 signs that you need a career coach

Unclear Career Goals and Direction

How did you answer above questions and points for you? Do you have more than 3 answered as “Yes”? Its time to think about to make a change in your life. Here my motto: Life is too short to live an unfulfilled professional life. You are the CEO of your career, and a career coach will be your lifeline, making informed decisions, gaining clarity and self-confidence, and navigating skilfully in the minefield of the so fast-moving work environment.

As a start, why not checking out my accredited workbook Drive & Thrive Your Career, with different options of working together with me.

You have time constraints? I hear you. Here is a different approach. I have created a quick and focused coaching program, which is Laser Coaching. A different style, a combination of mentoring and coaching to make it impactful and with straight to the point.

You want to take your time and go step by step? Not a problem. Contact me for my 10-session coaching package.

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