Paying It Forward

As someone who has trained many coaches globally, I’m proud of the care we take in supporting our students and alumni. We provide them with the resources, connections, and encouragement they need to make a positive impact as coaches.

Now, I want to extend that caring beyond our students and alumni by launching the Pay-It-Forward initiative. This program will enable more people to benefit from coaching services and empower them to give back to their communities.

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Paying It Forward

We would like to offer coaching sessions to individuals who cannot afford to hire a coach at the standard local rates, to ensure that everyone has access to growth, personal development, and empowerment.

Take your development into your hands and start building the future you have always dreamed of. Don’t let yourself be limited by your current resources. Your future potential is unlimited, let’s focus on that!

Contact Us

Please contact me to benefit from the Pay It Forward initiative:

If you are an individual who would like to pay it forward, we also welcome donations or your time as a coach. Please get in touch with me at for further details.

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