Scented Goal Setting Workshop

Scented Goal Setting Workshop


September 12, 2023    
6:30 pm CET - 8:00 pm


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Route du Velodrome 26
Route du Velodrome 26, Plan Les Ouates, Geneva

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Launch the new season with this interactive workshop to effective goal setting! Alongside coaching & mentoring techniques, I will be using scents & music to enhance your goal-setting experience. You will choose a scent that resonates with your specific goals, and we will create a unique connection between your objectives and the chosen aroma! If you need help with setting & reaching your goals, don’t miss this workshop!

What is included?

  • 90 mins Interactive Workshop in Geneva
  • Guided Goal-Setting Techniques by Certified Coach Hulya Kurt
  • Creation of Scented Goal Cards
  • Tips to Seamless Integration into Daily Life
  • Free Multi-sensory Product

Join this workshop to;

  • Create tangible scented goal cards for a constant reminder of your dreams
  • Discover the power of scents & music to elevate mood & motivation
  • Learn practical techniques for your goal-setting process
  • Engage in discussions, share insights, and learn from fellow participants

What is the Free Multi-sensory Product?

Before the workshop, you will choose your product based on your targets. We will be using them while working on your goal setting process. Each product is a combination of aroma & musical journey. For more information, visit

  • Just Relax: Deep relaxation, just chill & let go, better sleep
  • Beat the Burnout: De-stress, deep release, regaining balance
  • Productivity: Focus, productivity, building daily habits
  • Creativity: Creativity, flow state, new ideation
  • Connection: Sense of belonging, empathy, team-work skills
  • Happiness: Happiness here & now, happiness habits, joy
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Join us for an immersive Scented Goal Setting Workshop! Discover how the power of scents can help you in your goal-setting journey and reach them!

Coach Hulya Kurt

Workshop Led by Hulya Kurt – Business Coach

Hulya loves to work with professionals and leaders to assist them in their career journey, equipping them with the tools and techniques they need to perform at their best. Gives the participants key take aways and practical & sustainable ways to add to their toolkit.

More information about Hulya: Who am I?


Bookings are closed for this event.

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