FREE Masterclass: Future-proof Your Career

FREE Masterclass: Future-proof Your Career


April 4, 2024    
12:00 pm CET - 12:45 pm


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Introduction: Understanding the Future of Work

  • Highlighting key trends affecting the future of work (automation, remote work, gig economy). Which job roles might be less demanded
  • Discuss the skills that are becoming increasingly valuable (digital literacy, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, managing, leading)
  • Explain the concept of a ‘career portfolio’ and the need for continuous learning.

Adaptability and Resilience

  • The importance of adaptability and resilience in career progression
  • Strategies for developing a growth mindset and embracing change
  • Examples of how to pivot careers or expand skill sets in response to market demands

Action Planning and Goal Setting

  • The known concept of SMART goals and how they apply to career planning
  • Encourage participants to draft an action plan with specific steps to future-proof your career.

Q&A: Information on the next steps and what to expect in the upcoming weeks of the workshop

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  • Date: 04 April 2024
  • Hour: 12:00 – 12:45 CET
  • Price: Free

Future-proof your work


Strategies of Staying Relevant in Fast Moving Workplace

This series is designed to not only provide valuable knowledge and skills but also to inspire participants to take charge of their professional growth, ensuring their relevance in an ever-evolving workplace.

Coach Hulya Kurt

Hulya Kurt – My Story

I was working for a multi-national company at full speed with huge responsibilities as I did slide into pre-menopause not even realizing what is happening to me and my emotions. What I recall is that got very tensed, at home I got angry very easily. At the workplace, I was good at masking the whole hormonal changes which required lots of energy and sometimes there was nothing left for my family. Or for myself. Not to mention the hot flashes which just came at unappropriated timings, and I did not know how to manage.

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My Story

I could not speak about my emotional state with anyone, as you feel that it needs hiding, you need to be always at your best and quite frankly you are not sometimes. What helped was that I did sports. Not like crazy, but every lunch time I had my regular sport session and which I rarely skipped.

Speaking about at home was another challenge. I was even ashamed to talk to my husband and he did not understand why I was snapping at him. The ups and downs of pre-menopause can last for some years as it was for me. It lasted about 3 years until I felt more stable physically and mentally.

Being in menopause, gave me more comfort as I accepted it and that is the first step that you don’t fight against it and embrace it with its challenges. At the moment I feel aligned, in harmony, continuing sports activities, social interactions and on top I feel empowered and some sort of freedom.  



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